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The Next Generation Antibody Therapeutics


To become an industry catalyst for an innovative antibody drug development

Our Business

iProgen has developed a series of proprietary and powerful antibody engineering technologies that can improve antibody delivery to target cells.  Notable examples are conditional TME-activated target binding technology and conditional TME-activated delivery enhancing technology. 


iProgen is collaborating with many partners on diverse therapeutic indications to leverage its antibody delivery technologies:

  1.  to repurpose approved generic antibody for a new therapeutic indication,

  2. rescue failed antibody therapeutics by improving its therapeutic windows, and

  3. design innovative first-in-class drugs for unmet medical needs. 

We empower academic research groups to explore therapeutic approaches with transformative potential while enabling industry partners to radically upgrade their antibody delivery capability.

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Our Team



Ken is a biotech entrepreneur with 18 years’ experience in target discovery, preclinical and clinical research management.  He received a RAPS-certification for US Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Research Professional designation from the Society of Clinical Research Society.  He also received MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.



David is the former Head of Finance and Corporate Development of Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Before joining Celator Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Wood held the position of Managing Director with Cubist Pharmaceuticals (UK) Ltd.   Mr. Wood was appointed to National Research Council in February 2008 as a  member on its Executive Committee.


Vice President of Legal

Michael is a Cambridge University educated corporate lawyer, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.  Previously, he was civil litigator at McCarthy Tetrault and  Robertson, Peck, Thompson, Casilio, Vancouver.  Formerly, he was also Advisor to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Ottawa.  


Director of Protein Engineering

Paula is a veteran protein engineer with two decades of experience.  Previously, she led a group of scientists at Zymeworks Inc. leading to the development of novel protein drug engineering technologies that would eventually be licensed to global pharmaceutical companies.  She received her Ph. D. from McGill University.


Scientific Advsior

Michael is founder CEO of Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc.  He was formerly the Vice President of Research at Abgenix Inc. and subsequently Amgen British Columbia, Michael oversaw numerous antibody discovery collaborations involving over 100 different targets with collaborators including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Abbot, Curagen, Milleneum, and Dendreon.


Scientific Advisor

Hans is a retired distinguished scientist from Merck where he spent almost two decades studying biologics and biologics  drug delivery technology.  He is currently an  Associate Director of the Center for Targeted Therapeutics and Translational Nanomedicine at University of Pennsylvania.  Hans received his Ph.D. from ETH and completed post-doc at Harvard.

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Technology application

Antibody Drug Conjugate

A critical factor in developing a successful Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) is the antibody’s ability to deliver its payload successfully to its target diseased cells.  There are many challenges to developing ADC with a combination of one or more factors listed below, resulting in decreased safety and efficacy:


  1. Off target delivery due to presence of the receptors in some healthy cells

  2. Insufficient payload delivery due to low receptor density on diseased cells, and

  3. Poor internalization of payload upon target receptor engagement.


iProgen has developed a proprietary antibody engineering technologies to addresses these challenges.  

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